MyBee est une marque du groupe PayinTech


Buying a beverage with contactless technology takes less than a second. No tedious return of change or lengthy wait for response from the credit card terminal. You drastically reduce waiting lines.


The participants buy drinks casually and without restraint. You have detailed statistics reports at your disposal. Stock management and logistics are simplified, and the amount of profits is quickly available.


Change is centralized; risks of fraud or losing money greatly decrease. There is no longer any underlying ambiguity with your cashiers, bartenders, volunteers and other staff members, everything is transparent.

MyBee in a nutshell

So far, MyBee Events has equipped 1,400,000 festival-goers in 7 different countries. We become your partners to make your event unique thanks to a tailor-made support before, during and after the event.

Our goals:

  • Increase the turnover
  • Optimise management
  • Maximise the user's enjoyment

  • RFID & Mobile technology

  • Data creation and analysis

  • Environmental friendliness

What our clients say about us

  • We seeked MyBee Events' expert services to set a payment system centralizing and securing human and cash flows in Malasimbo Festival: the wristband was not only used as a purse to pay for food, beverages and merchandising but also as a supply to set a fine-tune and optimised management of our points of sales, our stocks, our staff and our waiting lines.

    Hubert DABOVILLEMalasimbo Festival President and Co-founder

  • The MyBee cashless system enabled us to suppress the waiting line at the bar and to easily manage the cash register records the very first time we worked together. The 14,000 festival-goers adopted this system right away which is more convenient, faster and more environmental-friendly than tickets or tokens.

    Julien BARRAYHadra Festival Manager

  • I quickly realized that their system enabled an important turnover supplement and a process optimisation regarding cash register emptying and record tasks , as well as stocks control. The data delivered by the systems also help me refine the choice of prices for my products from one event to the other. The fact we worked together on a recurrent basis is therefore an additional positive aspect.

    Arthur LOUVETVendC4me EvC)nements Director